Our Policy:**If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please let us know within 24 hours of your reserved treatment time. Failure to do so will result in a Full Charge in the reserved treatment value. We do make confirmation calls the day before to remind you of your scheduled appointment with us.

Your complexion is freshly cleansed with a creamy coconut milk and green tea extract blend, followed by a sugar polish to clear away dry, lackluster skin. A custom mask creation - cocoa & CoO10 plus a nutrient rich banana and turmeric tightening mask - does double duty to boost your complexion to cloud 9! You will feel a tingle -which means this power-packed mask blend is working to provide antioxidants for clear, glowing skin!  Rejoice as an antioxidant-rich resveratrol serum is applied onto complexion for a quick pick-me-up! Skin is then treated to a peptide-infused botanical milk moisturizer for a deep drink of hydration. End with a dermatologist-developed peptide eye transforming serum - kiss the look of crow's feet goodbye! Thoroughly satisfied, your skin will thank you for this sweet treatment.


Banana Havana Heavenly Facial  $78 ​(Reg. $125)

Platelet-Rich Plasma Facial  $360 (Reg. $600) 

Let's take a trip! Your complexion deserves it. To begin, face and neck are gently cleansed with a creamy coconut milk and green tea extract cleanser, perfect for starting with a clean state. With an Arizona red clay and fine grain pumice exfoliation, skin will be smooth as silk after this microderm like polish. A creamy banana and turmeric mask is painted onto face and neck, providing vitamins & nutrients for a glowy look and a tightening effect. An all-over brightening serum is applied to even skin tone and add a spark of radiance. Then a peptide-rich botanical milk hydration, loaded with time-release retinol, will leave you looking replenished and refreshed. Finish with an eye-perfecting serum to help banish those pesky crows feet! Now you're ready to put your best face forward!

Chocolate Banana Tightening Facial  $78 ​(Reg. $125)

Tangerine peel essential oil helps purify the blood by excretion of toxins such as uric acid and excess salts. Rosemary leaf essential oil chelates iron to protect DNA. Geranium essential oil aids liver fluid flow. Juniper Berry essential oil enhances urination. Cilantro essential oil removes heavy metals.

Lovers' Massage  $290

Detox Essential Oil Massage $80

Celebrate your love for one another with a 60-minute therapeutic massage, hot stones on shoulders, body scrub, hand treatments, and 15-minute foot soak with bubbly beverages, strawberries and chocolates.   We are currently available on Saturdays for this service. Please contact massage therapist for reservations. Thank you!    ** Upgrade to a Deep Tissue Massage $20 , 24 Karat Gold Oil $50 more.

The PRP facial uses patient's own platelets and growth factors for  cosmetic treatment of  wrinkles or scars in the face, general rejuvenation of facial appearance.  PRP used in conjunction with microneedling  offers a minimally invasive option for skin types I-VI with minimal downtime and long-lasting effects. The most significant improvements occur in fine lines, skin texture, and hydration as and  skin tightening, which develops over one to three  months post-treatment. A series of 4 to 6 treatment sessions one  month apart provide the  optimal outcome. Please email us with questions.